Fairy Tail is a manga series by Hiro Mashima that ran in Weekly Shonen Magazine and got an anime adaptation by studio A-1 Pictures.

Clawfoot Bathtub ScenesEdit

Fairy tail ch 102 1

Chapter 102

In chapter 102, Ultear Milkovich takes a bubble bath in a tub that is possibly a clawfoot but unconfirmed since you can't the tubs bottom.

Fairy Tail ch 229

Chapter 229

In chapter 229, Juvia Lockser bathes in a tub on the cover that is shaped similar to a clawfoot but unconfirmed if it is one since you can't see the bottom.

Fairy Tail ep 155

Episode 155

In chapter 265 and it's anime adaptation episode 155, Erza Scarlet takes a bubble bath in a pink flower shaped clawfoot tub in the Honeybone Lodge. In chapter 272 and its anime adaptation episode 159, it is revealed that Lucy Heartfilia and Gemini bathed in the honeybone lodge's clawfoot tub off screen during the duration of chapter 265 and episode 155.

Fairy Tail ep 168 1

Episode 168

In episode 168, an illusion of Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki taking a bubble bath in a clawfoot bathtub is shown during the fight between Rufus and Eve as Rufus uses a technique that projects his opponents memories showing that Eve accidentally saw Ichiya in the bathtub at one point.

Fairy Tail ch 282

Chapter 282

In chapter 282, Wendy Marvell and Charle ended up bathing in the honeybone lodge's clawfoot tub off screen just before Lucy took a Shower in it afterwards. In the anime adaptation episode 165 Lucy's shower moment was off screen.

Fairy Tail Movie 1

Fairy Tail: The Phoenix Priestess

In the movie, Fairy Tail: The Phoenix Priestess, the characters stay at the Hills Hotel which has clawfoot bathtubs in their rooms. Lucy Heartfilia takes a Shower in the room's clawfoot tub.

Fairy Tail ch 324

Chapter 324

On chapter 324's cover, a slipper tub is seen in the hotel bathroom of Sting Eucliffe and Lector. It is unconfirmed if it is a clawfoot since you can't see the bottom.

Fairy Tail Blue Mistral ch 2

Blue Mistral Chapter 2

In chapter 2 of the spin-off Fairy Tail: Blue Mistral, Wendy Marvell and Charle take a bath in a tub at Yoshino's house. It isn't comfirmed to be a clawfoot but the roll top rim implies the possibility of it being one.

Fairy Tail ch 418 1

Chapter 418

In chapter 418 and episode 276, Lucy Heartfilia takes a shower in her new apartment's clawfoot slipper tub and later has a bath in it.

Fairy Tail ch 419

Chapter 419

In chapter 419, Natsu Dragneel and Happy take a bath in Lucy's clawfoot slipper tub. In the anime adaptation, episodes 277, the slipper tub doesn't have clawfeet and just flat.

Fairy Tail OVA 9 1


In the 9th OVA, Gray Fullbuster, Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox are forced to bathe together in Lucy Heartfilia's apartment's new Clawfoot Slipper Bathtub.