This is a list of moments in the history of anime & manga where the anime & manga industry went out of their way to oppress Clawfoot Bathtubs and censor or silence them.

  • The Sailor Moon anime special Ami's First Love disgraces the source material by changing the clawfoot bathtub that Ami Mizuno bathes in on the cover of the chapter with a plain ass unit tub in it's anime adaptation.
  • The school that Cutie Honey Flash is set in has unit bathtubs in the dorm rooms when all the previous and later incarnations have clawfoot tubs in the dorm rooms.
  • The Super Nintendo release of Street Fighter Alpha 2 skips the bath scene in Rose's ending. Avoid this version of Alpha 2 at all cost and only play the versions of it on non-Nintendo systems cuz those are the ones that have the tub scene.
  • The Mobile Suit Gundam Seed manga adaptation completely skips over Cagalli's bath scene that was in episode 19 in the anime. The Gundam Seed special edition films cuts out Cagalli's clawfoot tub scene and replaces it with a shower scene that doesn't show any clawfoot tub and just some fanservice instead.
  • In Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar, Lashara Aasu XXVIII talks shit about clawfoot tubs and completely rejects a bath in one in episode 2. Wahanly Shume and Chiaia Furan end up agreeing with that stupid bitch and say it's a gaudy bath.
  • The Shokugeki no Soma anime changed the bathroom in the Totsuki Resort rooms by replacing the fantastic clawfoot tubs with some high tech jacuzzi tub that is neat and all but nowhere in the same league as a clawfoot.
  • The Fairy Tail TV anime has fucked over pretty much every clawfoot tub in the original manga. Chapter 102's bubble bath scene with Ultear Milkovich was completely cut from the anime which while the manga didn't necessarily confirm it was a clawfoot, the anime could have potentially fleshed out the scene more and showed us the tubs feet.
    • The 155th episode completely adapts chapter 256's short bubble bath scene with Erza Scarlet perfectly except for the fact that they zoomed in too closely to the point where you don't actually see any feet on the tub like you do in the manga.
    • Episode 165 completely cut out the shower scene with Lucy Heartfilia which showed a good amount of tub in its original version in chapter 282 but not enough of it to actually see the claws. This could have potentially been a good chance to flesh the scene out more and show more of the tub but they decided to just completely cut it out instead.
    • Episode 277 changes the bathtub that Natsu Dragneel bathes in by removing the clawfeet in it which in a sense means that Lucy who bathed in the same tub in the beautifully adapted scene in Episode 276 wasn't really her bathing in a clawfoot.
  • Episode 11 of Masamune-kun no Revenge adapted chapter 22 of the manga which should have animated the scene of Aki Adagaki bathing in a clawfoot tub but they skipped it.