This is a list of moments in the history of anime & manga where Clawfoot Bathtubs prevailed when the odds were against them.

  • The animation studio Shaft most notably favors the clawfoot tub and is their go to bathtub for some bathroom designs in some of their shows.
    • The Monogatari series being originally a novelized series gives no visual of what the bathroom of the Araragi house looks like thus Shaft gave the clawfoot tub the respect it deserves and is the tub used in it's big amazingly designed bathroom given in the anime appearing in Nisemonogatari, Nekomonogatari Kuro & Shiro, Tsukimonogatari and Koyomimonogatari. The novelization of Tsukimonogatari tries to be a buzz kill and says that the bathroom in the novels is not the same as the anime and is more smaller and normal sized but it never said anything about it not having a clawfoot tub so it has one in it as well as far as well can tell.
    • Zaregoto, another novel series that gives no actual description of the physical appearance of the household's bath in it's bath scenes. Shaft used its magic once again and used this opportunity to canonize it being a clawfoot tub through sample artwork that came with a limited blu-ray release.
    • The Natsu no Arashi! season 2 "Akinai-chū" opening gives us a bath scene in a clawfoot slipper bathtub despite the fact that the bath in the main household in that series has a shitty unit tub and not a glorious clawfoot.
  • Amagi Brilliant Park literally stated in its originally novelization that Isuzo Sento owns a standard unit bath in her dormitory but the anime and manga adaptations said "FUCK THAT" and gave her a clawfoot tub instead because she is a goddess that shouldn't have to soak three times a day in a shitty ass unit tub and deserves a bath worthy of her perfection.
  • The manga adaptation of Accel World tried to imply Kuroyukihime had a standard looking Japanese bathroom by showing a glimpse of her getting into a tub that wasn't clawfoot looking but studio Sunrise interrupted the character correctly and showed us that someone as elegant as her would own a clawfoot slipper tub.
  • 36.5°C no Tenshi, despite a cheap lower class Japanese apartment, a clawfoot tub is the bath. Usually apartment's of that quality don't even have baths and standard Japanese places wouldn't even have clawfoot tubs.
  • A Dragon Ball figure replicating Bulma Brief's bubble bath scene in chapter 2 and episode 2 which were originally in a unit bathtub for the original scene are in a clawfoot tub for the figure.
  • 07-Ghost had a scene in chapter 10 where a man's girlfriend gets killed by him while she was just sitting somewhere fully clothed but the anime vastly improved the scene in its adaptation in episode 12 where the girlfriend is taking a bubble bath in a clawfoot tub naked when the event happens.
  • Chrono Crusade had a shower scene with Satella Harvenheit where she takes a shower in a lame ass built in bathtub but the anime adaptation in episode 6 changed it to a clawfoot because it seems more in character and more fitting it it's 1920s setting. What was Daisuke Moriyama thinking when making the manga version of that scene?
    • The anime adds to extra bath scenes in episodes 14 & 15 not in the manga that were in a white oval shaped tub which has a possibility of being a clawfoot but you never see the tubs bottom to comfirm it.
  • The Fairy Tail movie, Fairy Tail: The Phoenix Priestess early storyboard sketchs by Hiro Mashima showed that Lucy Heartfilia's shower scene was going to be in a bathroom with a grounded bathtub but the final film switched it to a clawfoot tub. Mashima would have likely changed Lucy's shower to a bath if he knew ahead of time it was going to fixed and improved to a clawfoot tub by the anime studio cuz why the hell would you choose to take a shower when your hotel room has a clawfoot?
    • The 9th OVA had Lucy Heartfilia's established bathroom with a built in the ground stone bathtub changed to a clawfoot slipper tub. The motivation behind this is not yet known but it could be a hint that Lucy's house is gonna have a clawfoot tub once its rebuilt after the Alvarez Empire arc or the anime will be using this new redesign for the later coming Fairy Tail seasons in the future.
  • The Mobile Suit Gundam mobile game Knight Gundam Heroes Puzzle has an image referencing the bath scene of Sayla Mass but changes it to be in a clawfoot tub instead of the pink built in bathtub in the original scene.